Worker Id : 4098
Provided By: Anna Liza 

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Availability: Available

Category:  Tailor

Work In Gulf Countries:No

 Skills: As of me I did not actually study about dressmaking or tailoring. I learned it only from my mother when i was still young she teacheas me how to sew. But then when she pass away. I need to go on with my sewing career that is why I consider myself a self employed mam. I learn to cut fabrics by my own using youtube. When ever there are designs which is I dont know how to doit i will watch it in youtube and then apply what I have learned in the design I will create. I do simple gowns, formal dress, female coats, school uniforms, and mostly i sew scrubsuits for nurses and even nurses uniforms too. Athletic uniforms jogging pants including curtains and bed covers and seat covers too

 Expected Salary: 800USD/Month

  Job Type: Full Time

Category: Tailor

 Nationality: Filipino

 Marital Status:Married


 Religion: Christian

 Spokan Language: English

 Resident in:Philippines


 Education: Diploma

  Employer: Anna Liza Caterin

 Total Experience:11

 Ready to transfer visa from:08-08-2022